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Pernille Rosendahl

By Posted bySanne Bøg
Today, we launched a new website for Danish singer, songwriter and producer Pernille Rosendahl. The site is a platform for Pernille to showcase and promote her music, art & culture work.


The site is custom-made with WordPress as the CMS. Later, we will introduce an e-commerce section powered by WooCommerce.



Our design approach has been to capture Pernille’s warm-hearted, passionate, and creative personality.


Logotype: Circular

Text: IBM Plex Mono

Colours: #FAF7F1 / #FFFFFF





Thanks to everyone involved, it has been a true pleasure, and we look forward to continuing the collaboration.


Client: Pernille Rosendahl
PR: Kristina Karvonen Vogelius
Booking & Management: Philip Thornhill
Photo credit: Cathrine Brix
Tekster: Sine Gerstenberg
Design & Code: Kasper
Design & PM: Sanne


Learn more about Pernille Rosendahl and all of her amazing work at

Please share and spread the word
  • Ved Amagerbanen 37A, st.
  • DK-2300 Copenhagen